Modeling – analogue in the city

A couple of weeks ago I shot with photographer Frank Brouwer. His suggestion was to do a shoot completely analogue. For those nillies out there: that means zero digital images, but everything on film ;). As a model, I found that a bit scary because it also means that – other than a couple of polaroids we took – I have no clue what the images look like during the shoot, and I just have to wait and pray and hope they turn out good.

But hey, this is how all models used to work in the industry for decades, and if it’s good enough for those awesome retro vamps I admire oh so much, it’s good enough for me! I have also worked with Frank before, and I trust his skills, so I just went for it. As it turns out, not only was it a fun day, the results are also really cool!

It’s just a very relaxed shoot, hanging out in the beautiful raw city of Rotterdam. Check out the results below. Some are regular film, some are polaroids and others are polaroid shot with double exposure (basically combining 2 shots in one picture, so the poses and backgrounds blur together. All technical stuff I know nothing about haha, but it was very fun to shoot!)



Thanks so much Frank, can’t wait to shoot again!