modeling – new hair and fresh start!

yeey, picturetime! If you’ve been following me on instagram (what’s that you say? You don’t follow me? Go fix that nonsense right now you goofeball, go on!) you’ve probably seen a couple of these floating around already, but now it’s time to show them in their full glory!

These are the first results I can share with you this year, since I cut off my hair :). To be honest I’m still getting used to it haha, it’s soooo different from what I used to have! Washing my hair takes about 2 minutes now, and my neck is always a bit chilly… But at the same time I’m glad I cut it off because after the shittiest summer of my life and being really sick, I was so ready for a fresh start. And there’s nothing like having awesome pictures taken of your new hair to embrace the change!


make up, hair and photography by Inge Van den Broeck ( This woman is not just a make up artist, she’s a wizard. Seriously. Just look at all that gloriousness going on on my face :o.

Hope you like them as much as I do, what do you think?