modeling – summertime sadness

Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime Sadness

Beautiful words by the equally beautiful Lana del Rey… and the first words that came to mind when I saw the results of this shoot I did a couple of weeks ago. It was a glorious fall, with very mild weather and sunshine every day. I love this time of year, when fall is in full motion but there is still a nostalgic hint of summer every now and then… By accident, I discovered there was a very quiet and abandoned garden literally across the street from where I live (hidden behind an old and vacated house). I think there is so much beauty to be found in decaying places like this one.

So I grabbed a skirt and top, put on a pair of boots and we just shot for an hour or so, enjoying the sun, really laidback, no pressure… Very unlike me haha! 
I tend to plan my shotos well ahead and I like to exercise control in all things (starting to sound a lot like Mr. Grey here…), but ever since I was diagnosed with diabetes and hospitalized a couple of months ago, I decided that for now the most important thing with doing photoshoots is to just relax and have a great time… So that’s what I’ve been doing! Hope you like the results!

 photography by Arno Nieuwhof (