feel the fear and do it anyway

I don’t know what it is, but there’s a lot of “smartypants people saying smartypants things” hanging in the air.
It started yesterday, when I was talking to someone about this blog, and how I feel bad for not updating it with outfits and stuff more regularly… and that I’d love to write more on here, but that I’m always worried that everyone will think my writing is stupid, and so on. And she told me to go ahead and do it anyway, and to not let insecurities hold me back. It’s not exactly new advice,  but it’s excellent advice nonetheless – and it never hurts to hear it again every once and a while.
Then just now I had a conversation about self image, and letting go of control. I have this thing where I’m afraid of letting my guard down for fear of how I will be judged by the world. As long as I’m in control, I can decide for myself who sees what. Letting go of that control means to stop hiding behind a wall and really truly show myself. That opens me up for judgement and negativity. Ofcourse it also also opens me up for amazing experiences and wonderful people crossing my life… So I should really just go for it, shouldn’t I?
At the end of the day, I’m really my own harshest critic. It’s so easy for me (and for a lot of people, I think) to worry about what people think and question if I’m good enough (whatever that means). But enough of that already. I’m just going to go for it. Be my own biggest supporter. Open up. Tear the wall down.
What does that mean for now?
Well, basically, there will be a bit of rambling going on (see all words above :p) every now and then, about random things happening in my life or in the world around me. I’ll continue posting outfits and modeling stuff and fashionthings, ofcourse, no worries! Just adding a glimpse of my soul on top of that. Easy peasy.